Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
Process Control Systems (PCS)

Our company is engaged in the automation of technological and production processes in industrial enterprises. We create systems of the PCS and MES level.

The range of our services includes a complete cycle of creating systems: from the analysis of requirements and the development of the technical task to the introduction and maintenance of the system, from the automation of the equipment to the automation of the whole plant.

Our rich experience allows us to create systems quickly and efficiently. The main advantage of our developments is intelligence, reliability and usability. A careful analysis of the customer's needs, flexibility of the approach makes it possible to solve complex and non-standard tasks.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

To create MES-level systems, we use both our own solutions and solutions built on Wonderware products.

Our systems can be integrated with ERP, WMS and with other systems to provide a single information space in the production.

We develop reports of any complexity for solving production problems.

Raw Material Accounting System

The system allows to carry out the acceptance of raw materials from freight transport, the acceptance of raw materials in a container, and also to forecast the condition of the warehouse.

Recipe management system

The system includes the management of recipes, the composition of the queue of production tasks, the formation on their basis of technological maps that can be loaded into production.

Material tracking and tracing

The system provides automated collection and processing of data on the movement of materials during production, users of the system are provided with convenient tools for analysis of movements and traceability of materials.

Finished product accounting system

The system monitors the state of the finished product, its location in the transport system, and also controls the units of the finished product.

Labeling of the finished product is carried out - the formation, printing and application of labels.

Performance Accounting System

The system collects the necessary data and calculates the performance indicators of the equipment, including OEE.

Energy accounting system

The system collects, processes and stores data on energy consumption in the enterprise, including in relation to process equipment, as well as to the batch of the product.

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Process Control Systems (PCS)

We have a rich experience in the creation of systems for the level of automated process control systems.

The range of our services: from automation of a piece of equipment to automation of a whole plant. We are engaged in both the development of new ones and the modernization of existing solutions.

Visualization and control is carried out with the help of HMI and SCADA systems, built on the basis of products from Siemens and Wonderware.

We have a library of components for visualizing the elements of mnemonic diagrams, while developing SCADA systems we are guided by the principles of situational perception, so all the necessary information is easily accessible.


For the operation of our systems, we carry out the selection and delivery of equipment.

For MES level systems, this is IT equipment. Servers of various configurations with the possibility of redundancy, operator stations.

For process control systems, we carry out design, assembly, delivery of various control cabinets built on the basis of Siemens controllers.

Food industry

Automation of dairy productions

Automation of juice production

Automation of confectionery factories

Automation of beer production



Production of premixes and mixed fodders

Protein production

Seed production

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